Frugalicious Sugar Coconut Oil Body Scrub

During our colder winter months nothing feels better than a good body scrub especially one that smells like heaven, which is pure, and is actually beneficial to your skin as it contains coconut oil a.k.a natures miracle product.

Over multiple future posts I will be diving into all the crazy benefits of coconut oil.  Wow this stuff is amazing for your body, hair and to eat as a healthier replacement to extra virgin olive oil.

Ok I will digress.

I have been using this body scrub for a couple of months now and I have to say my skin has never felt better.

1/2 cup virgin or extra virgin  or virgin organic coconut oil

1.25 cup sugar – white sugar is great in this scrub and more economical however the brown is very lovely and probably what I personally prefer.

1 TBS Honey (optional)

Simply mix the ingredients together and you can play around with the amounts somewhat to get your desired consistency.  Remember that coconut oil is solid in colder temperatures and becomes a complete liquid once warm. You can let this solidify a bit in the refrigerator if you want a solid scrub or use it as a warm oil scrub. I like to keep my bottle in the bathroom thus it warms nicely with the warm shower air. Scrub gently all over and rinse.  Be careful whenever using an oil based product in the shower or bath as you can slip. 

You will absolutely love the smell and your skin will be more moisturized from the oil and soft from the sugar then you have ever had. A little goes a long way and you won’t want to scrub every day so this DIY scrub will last you some time.  You will be hooked!

It’s time we all stop buying all those drug store beauty products we have become accustomed to owning and start taking hold of our own products and make them ourselves. They are better made products, more pure products without all those terrible ingredients we don’t need and they cost a small fraction to the drugstore brands. Doesn’t it make sense?

Happy Scrubbin',
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