Keep Your Money in the Bank - Money Saving Tips

1.   If you don’t already own one purchase yourself a separate stand-alone freezer.  It will pay for itself and much more over the years through the savings you will get buy purchasing foods in bulk.  I bought a stand up freezer used online and I have been able to stock purchase meats on sale and have saved so much money (more on that in future post).

2.   Always shop 1 year ahead for clothes – especially those with children.  Catching end of season sales for clothing can save you up to %75 off the ticket price.  For example, I always purchase my children’s winter snow suites, boots and mitts at end of season sales for the following winter – Massive Savings!

3.   Stop paying someone else to paint your home.  I see so many able folks spending a pretty penny to have their homes professionally painted.  Geez-Louise what a waste of money.  With some decent quality angled brushes and tools you can totally do it yourself.  Take your time and enjoy it and you will complete your room in no time.

4.   Skip the popcorn!  I have never seen such robbery then that of the concession stand at the movie theater. Eat before you go or if you must have some (yes I know it’s good) always limit yourself to small sizes only.

5.   Buy and install a programmable thermostat. Set the thermostat higher when you are gone during the day and cooler when you are at home at night
6.   Prepare you lunch at night. If you’re like me, you typically don’t have much time in the morning to make lunch, so do it at night and put it in the refrigerator. It will help you to stop eating out for lunch so much.

7.   Take notice of your homes windows. If you have an old house, you probably have a ton of air escaping through your old windows. The initial cost will be a good chunk of cash, but it will be worth it from years of energy savings to come.  If purchasing new windows is not in your plans get some chaulk and reseal them until you are ready to purchase.  Stop those drafts and you will save a ton.

8.   Don’t play the lottery. You’ve got a better chance at getting struck by lightning.

9.   Avoid extended warranties. These are like pure profit for retailers, that’s why they push them so much. Best Buy and others will try scare tactics to get you to buy one, but don’t fall for it.

10. Check craigslist/kijiji for used furniture. You can find steals on lightly-used stuff .  Actually older furniture has better construction and materials then most new items today.  Most of today’s furniture has poor craftsmanship and is often made of veneer and pressed wood and will likely need replacing in no time at all!

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