Broken Eye Shadow? Don't Trash it - Smash It!

How many times have you broken an eye shadow or blush to smithereens?  Once it’s broken its history right?  Wrong.

In a couple of easy steps you can fix your shadow to near new condition and save yourself the expense of the replacement and let’s face it these can be pricey.
Before we start with any of these steps please ensure your hands and all tools are cleaned.  Any germs will transfer into the powder so clean – clean – clean!
Step 1
Taking a small tool you want to break up all the shadow to make it 100% powder consistency again.  A cuticle pusher, toothpick or something similiar will do the trick. Make sure it is grem-free. No little clumps of shadow should remain so smash it up real good.
Step 2
You will want to pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol into its own cap (just to ensure you don’t pour too much).  Take the cap and pour the alcohol into your powdered shadow pod.  A couple drops at a time is best.  As you pour the alcohol in with your tool mix it up really good.  You want your shadow to take on a creamy (not overly watery) consistency.
Step 3
Once the consistency is right take the pod and hit it gently on the tabletop.  This will settle the entire product and smooth out the top layer.

Step 4
Wait approximately 2 hours.  During this time the alcohol starts to dry out.  Take a thin cloth, paper towel or tissue and place on top of the shadow and press down on your shadow.  This will again compress and flatten the shadow to the original store bought look.  Some people will use a coin on top of the tissue for a perfect flat surface (coins are dirty so handle them with care in this DIY).  Keep in mind bigger shadows or blushes will have longer dry times.  You don’t want to compress it when it is too dry or else it will just crumble again so test out before pressing. 

 Step 5

Overnight is a best bet for a full dry out time and voila your shadow/blush are back to new condition.  Take a q-tip or tissue and clean up edges for a perfect new look. Isn't it great you just saved yourself the money you would have spent to buy a new one?

 Cheers Friends,
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