End of Season Shopping Calendar

Buying a pool in February, installing windows in December, or buying a snow blower in July are perfect examples of smart end of season shopping and it is a buying technique we all need to implement more often for our pocketbooks well-being.  However, I will be the first to admit while swimming in my pool I am not thinking I need to pick up a couple shovels but ultimately I should be if I want the biggest bang for my buck. 

Savings Calendar
JanuaryBest time to stock on next year’s holiday lights, gift wrap and decorations.  It is not uncommon to find 80% off sales this time of year.  The end of January many winter clothes and outerwear go on sale so this is a great time to buy your kids school clothes, winter coats and boots for the following school year just upsize them (that's what I do each year).

February – Chocolate lovers rejoice and stock up as Valentine day chocolate is on major clearance! Remember you can freeze chocolate for future enjoyment.  We do it all the time and often thaw and melt chocolate to use for fondues months after Valentine’s (or Easter).  Household items such as bedding sheets, blankets, pillows, curtains and sometimes even carpeting can all usually be found for great bargain prices during the month of February.

March - Winter sports equipment such as skiing accessories and sports coats are great buys in early March.

July-August – Start stalking garden centres for end of season plants, flowers and garden tool.  Come end of August they are almost giving stuff away. Camping equipment, tents, and accessories are traditionally great bargain buys during August. Clearance markdowns of over 50% off the retail price can often be found. If you are looking for a whole new golf set August is the month to do it.

September - October – Good time to buy many outdoor items such as patio sets, gardening tools, pools, interlock bricks and barbeques to name a few.  Summer d├ęcor items are another great find this time of year.

November - Since the colder months are a slow period for home improvements, items like carpeting, paint, bathtubs, sinks, doors and other hardware items are usually good bargain buys in November. So this would be the best time to buy for that spring project you have planned.

So with a bit of foresight and patience to purchase, the pay-off to offseason shopping can be huge - so make it happen smart shoppers!

 Happy Savings,

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