DIY Makeup Remover for Pennies!

Do you ever feel a little ripped off when you purchase your eye makeup remover?  Well sorry to say you should!  Most store bought removers consist of some type of oil, water and a bunch of chemicals that frankly you should not have on your face to begin with and are totally unnecessary in removing makeup. 

Once you start to make your own you will 1) wish you started doing this years ago 2) swear to never buy store bought again 3) recommed this to your friends and family.

Based on the size of bottle I use I would guess that my eye makeup remover costs me approximately .50 cents per bottle compared to my past costs of around $10.00 or more a bottle.
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Baby Oil (you can find some with added vitamin E which is a nice addition)

You want to find an empty bottle and you will be aiming to fill it only 75% (as you want room in the bottle when you give it a shake).  Measurements can be "eye balled" but you want to add 25% water, 25% EVOO and 25% baby oil.  Give it a good shake before each application and voila! You are ready to go.  If your eye area feels too oily after removal just give your face an all over wash or just leave it to absorb into your skin (remember its all good stuff!).

Below is a how-to video I found on YouTube.

If you have any great DIY budget beauty tips please let me know via email our The Kamikaze Shopper Facebook fan page.

Happy Cleansing,
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