All-Purpose Spray Cleaner - 7 Cents a Bottle!

As I was cleaning my kitchen today I thought it would be a good idea for me to share with you a great trick to saving a lot of money off of your bottled kitchen spray cleaner.  For years I did what everyone did and picked up my bottle every week or two and the average cost per purchase was about $3.00 plus taxes. I got tired of wasting so much money on it and thought there has got to be a better way.

I started with purchasing a 4.25 litre bottle of Pine Sol for approximately $11.00 (buying the largest size often gives better value for household cleaners).  I made sure to keep my last empty bottle of cleaner solution with the spray nozzle or you can buy a new spray bottle at the dollar store or general retailer.   I added 4 tablespoons of Pine Sol cleaning solution and then filled the bottle with warm water.  As you use this method you can increase or decrease the amount of cleaner you add to suit your desired solution strength and bottle size.  Keep in mind any of your favorite all-purpose cleaners will do – I just like Pine Sol as my house smells so clean afterwards.  Also make note the general cleaning solutions such as Pine Sol, Mr. Clean etc are not safe for all surfaces so when in doubt do a test area before using a new solution on your surfaces.
By making your own cleaner using this method you can get approximately 70 bottles of spray cleaner out of your 4.25L concentrated bottle.   The price per bottle is 7 cents as opposed to the standard $3.00 a bottle!  Buying 70 bottles of pre-mixed cleaner regular retail costs appromiately $210 or use this trick and pay $11.00 that is a $199.00 dollar savings.  I bet there are alot of better things you would like to spend that $199 on.

Happy Cleaning,

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